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What We Do

Most experienced drivers know that there are more than enough choices in companies that offer “driver placement” or driver leasing services. However as they get to know these services, drivers learn that many really do not have the true interest of the driver in mind.


Get hired today, and get Health Benefits IN 30 DAYS OR LESS!


CDL Labor Logistics takes a different approach to taking care of our most important asset, you the driver! We offer a quick “conversion to hire”, usually 26 weeks or less. This means that if you desire, the client we place you with can be your employer, more quickly, and you benefit in less “lost time” proving yourself, or waiting to get full major medical benefits and other quality benefits from your prospective employer.

CDL Labor Logistics screens all clients to get the very best companies for you to choose from.

We work with some of Fortune Magazine’s “Top Companies” who provide the “best” professional opportunities for drivers. Our superior customer service keeps these clients coming for you.

Before you start the engine, we do:

  • On site equipment inspections, determining the safety and quality of trucks and trailers.
  • Meet personally with management and dispatch personnel to evaluate their “style”.
  • Full compensation review, including medical benefits, retirement plans, actual “performance pay”, and “bonus” programs.
  • We actually reject many potential clients because they do not understand that… “Better drivers deserve better pay”!
  • Obtain all the “hidden” aspects of each job description eliminating last minute “surprises”.
  • Ongoing communication with you and the client to see how you feel about the job, and how the client evaluates your performance. You’ll always “know where you stand”.

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