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Choosing Your Driver Staffing Firm

The Federal Government holds you accountable for each driver, including those contracted through a CDL staffing firm.  If your staffing supplier does not properly screen and qualify the drivers, you could be held responsible.


Know Your Vendor

A few items to pay attention to.


Don’t guarantee you access to driver records.
If you are audited by the DOT, you would be required to produce files for all of your drivers – including those from a staffing firm.  We give you full access to the driver files and can provide the same electronically.

Firms that do not contractually agree to qualify drivers on your behalf or use contract language designed to hold themselves harmless for failing to properly qualify the driver.  Our agreements state that we are designated to qualify drivers and we hold ourselves accountable in accordance with specific contract terms.

Driver staffing firms that conduct inadequate past employment inquiries.  Our initial interactive application doesn’t allow for gaps in the past employment.  Further, we require a reasonable explanation for any past employment gaps. And, if we cannot obtain verification from past employers after diligent attempts, we then require documentation such as pay stubs, time sheets, and tax documents to support the CDL driver’s claims for the prior three years of employment.

Firms that use motor vehicle records (MVRs) provided by the employee.  Our staff obtains MVRs from each of the driver’s states of licensure, including any licenses held in the past three years. This is done electronically before we even consider the driver for your work.

Firms that don’t dedicate a driver to your location.  Many staffing firms send drivers to multiple locations and customers with a given week. A driver can accumulate too many hours on-duty working for multiple employers, and you could be found in violation, for something you had no knowledge of due to not knowing the drivers hours worked prior to a reset.  We dedicate our drivers to one location only.

Some staffing firms use non-DOT-compliant drug and alcohol-testing regimes.  Many staffing firms aren’t aware of DOT regulations and requirments, and mistakenly use the wrong types and methods of testing.  We are fully versed in the regulations, as we only provide CDL drivers, our specialty.  This insures the Driver Qualification file (DQ file) is DOT compliant.

Some firms don’t establish themselves as the sole employer.  If the contract isn’t clear, you could become classified as a “co-employer” and be responsible for employment taxes, benefits, and even workers’ compensation issues.  The CDL contract makes CDL Labor Logistics the driver’s sole employer.

Many staffing firms don’t carry workers’ compensation coverage.  Many firms don’t carry, or otherwise fail to secure reliable, appropriate WC coverage, leaving you on the hook as a “statutory employer”.  We have top tier coverage throught A rated providers, and we pay significant premiums so you don’t have to.  We are solely responsible for workers’ compensation claims.

Pay employees as contractors and issue 1099s.  We hire, screen, and pay all our drivers as employees, so there is no danger that they will be misclassified as independent contractors. This frees you from the danger of being held accountable by the IRS or other regulatory body for such a misclassification.

Some staffing firms don’t provide contractual indemnity.  We accept all the employment liability risks in our contracts.  We put it in black and white, we will indemnify and hold you harmless from workers compensation claims.


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